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Weekly Halaqa

Starting Time:  4.00pm (Prompt) ;




Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Asalaam Alaykum Waramotula Wabarakatuh
May this email meet us in a high state of iman including our respective families.
Dear brothers and sisters,this is to inform us of the weekly HALAQAH SESSION taking place as detailed below: 
Date:   2nd Rajab 1439AH  (18 March 2018)
Time: 16:00 pm   
Venue:  Dublin Mosque, 163 South Circular Road, D8

Brothers Side

Hadith Qudsi 27: Bro. Miftah  Alabi-Oladipupo .
Lecture Title: Duties of Brotherhood in Islam (continues) .
Lecturer:  Bro. AbdulWasii Abdur-Raheem .
Q & A

Sisters Side

Hadith Qudsi 71: by Sis. Fadhilah Ayinde .
Lecture Title: Attitude of Scholars towards Philosophy
Lecturer: Sis. Kifayah Gbadamosi-AbdulRaheem .
Coordinator : Sis. Juwayriyah Alausa.
Q&A  (if any)

There will be a continuation of the AGM outcome In shaa Allah at the end of the lecture.

May Allah spare us till then and beyond.

Allah’s Rahmah always, 

Closing Prayer

May Allah SWT preserve our lives till next halaqah and beyond and also accept all our efforts as an act of Ibadah, Amin.

We also seize this opportunity to remind us of our monthly dues. May Allah put lots of barakah in our earnings.

Allah’s  Rahmah always,

Ma Salaam.
Monsurah Adeleke
Assistant Secretary/PRO.
Muslim Association Forum Ireland
163 South Circular Road
Dublin 8

0899 428 353


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Shurooq 6:29
Zuhr 12:35
Asr 3:48
Magrib 6:37
Isha 8:08
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