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Akiko servicesThe aqeeqah involves the sacrifice of two animals for a boy and one for a girl, it is recomended that portion of the meat be distributed among the poor and needy in the locality, aqeeqah can be offered at any point after a child’s birth but it is the sunnah of the prophet (PBOH) to perform it on the seventh day of the childs birth.

According to Al-Maawardi: ‘Aqiqah refers to a sheep that is slaughtered on the occasion of the birth; it was a custom practised by the Arabs before Islam. `Aqiqah is a great Sunnah. It is part of the legacy inherited from Prophet Ibrahim (peace and blessings be upon him) and a great Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBOH). The Prophet (PBOH) said, “Every child is mortgaged to his `aqeeqah.”

It is a recommended Sunnah for parents to give sadaqah of equal value to the weight in silver of their baby’s hair (when it is shaved on the seventh day after birth). The performance of Aqiqah is highly encouraged, It is to be performed by the parents or the guardians of the child. Prophet Muhammad (PBOH) and his companions used to perform Aqiqah when they were bestowed with a newborn.

Adhan (Call of Prayer) to the child’s ears.

The parent or guardian should call the adhan in the right ear of the new-born bab and the Iqamah in the left ear. This is done immediately after the baby is bathed. On the birth of Hasan (RAA) to Fatimah (RAA) the daughter of the holy Prophet (SAW), the Adhan was call in the reght ear and Iqamat in his left ear. (Abu Dawood and Tirmizi.) This practice ensures safety to the child from epilepsy. The significance of saying the Adhan and the iqamah in the ears of the child is that the first words he hears declare the greatness and majesty of Allah. The words of testimony are those which a man recites on embracing Islam. In other words, this is a pronouncement of the creed of Islam. Besides, at the sound of Adhan and iqamah, Satan distances himself. At this early age, the child is thus invited to Allah the Majestic, to Islam and to the worship of Allah. This call forestalls temptation by Satan and ensures an unblemished faith, moreover, it is a forearming against Satan and temptation.


 Tahneek is the practice of chewing date and applying a part of the chewed portion to the palate of the child so that it goes down the child’s mouth easily. If date is unavailable, one may apply anything sweet, like sugar-candy, honey or juice, to the child’s palate. Thereby, the sunnah is fulfilled. The veins and the muscles are strengthened. The dental palate, the jaws and the mouth are made active. As a result, it is easy for the child to suck milk from the breast of its mother. A pious and God-fearing scholar or a venerable saint may be invited to do Tahneek.

Tahneek is mustahib. Abu Musa (RAA) said, “When my son was born, I brought him to the holy Prophet (SAW) who named him Ibrahim and performed his Tahneek with date, blessed him and then returned him to me” (Bukhari and Muslim).

Anas ibn Maliq (RAA) carried the new son of Abu Talhah (RAA) to the holy Prophet (SAW) who chewed a date and gave some of it in the mouth of the child, carried out Tahneek, and named the child, Abdullah (Bukhari and Muslim).

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